Thursday, 26 April 2012

PRESS: The Hankerer

The Hankerer is a very cool blog and this week did a lovely little feature on Wedding Tea Towels, have a little read here.

It's a beautifullly designed blog, nicely written and funny, take a look at the invites The Hankerer went for  (only cause she'd not found Wedding Tea Towels yet!).

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PRESS: Gorgeous Wedding Bits

"They are the Lady Gaga of wedding invitation world."

Lovely little piece on Gorgeous Wedding Bits, this is a really cool post that goes through Amy and Jonathan's Wedding Tea Towel experience, I love this:

"But that all went out the window when i read about the Original Wedding Tea Towel company. What a find!

We both knew they were super cool within about 3 seconds. We had chosen the designs within about 7.

They arrived just before Christmas and we spent most of Wednesday evening with a Bridesmaid, folding, punching, tying ribbons and packaging up the precious little cotton beauties.

And they are RECESSION FRIENDLY. All in all, they come in at well under the cost for anything like a professionally printed paper invitation and are a million times nicer, more unique, personal and environmentally friendly. Also, we will now not be doing ‘favours’ at the wedding – so it really does kill two birds with one very economical stone."

Read the whole thing here The Gorgeous Wedding Blog

Monday, 23 April 2012

PRESS: Plans and Presents

Lovely little write up for our redesigned 'Young Hearts' design, on the excellent wedding blog Plans and Presents. Take a look here.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Up and Away character customisation

In the excitement of launching Up and Away we forgot to say that we can change the little characters on the design to look like you and your partner and it costs you nothing, we do it cause we love you.

We've just one one with a little baby that's as dangerous as it's massively cute.

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