Thursday, 18 August 2011

Check out these reactions!

We knew people loved our invites, but we've never actually seen anyones reactions as they opened them. Today that all changed when the lovely Aneesha and Edward sent us this video.  Seeing how happy people are to receive these invites makes us feel all warm inside, and so proud of our idea!

Imagine people getting this excited about your wedding invitation! OK, don't just imagine it, give drop us an email and make it happen.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BLOG - Wedding tea towels in the spotlight!

This post is a little overdue so sorry about that but well, quite frankly, we've been on holiday! You can imagine what a welcome return it was from the windy British seaside to come home and read in full our interview on Helen Carter Weddings. It felt pretty darn good let me tell you.

Read the full interview here and hear our amazing, informative and erm... interesting? thoughts on why we think our couples choose wedding tea towels, our fave designs and see some of the brill RSVPs our brides have recieved. Go now, check it out!

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s'later (you'll probably only get this sign off if you are my brother so to the rest of you - Bye bye!)


Friday, 5 August 2011

BLOG - A Brides Perspective on wedding tea towels

It's all very well and good us spending every waking minute babbling on about how amazing WE think our wedding tea towels are but it's even better when the happy words come from one of our tea towely couples!

We worked with Sarah and Andy towards the end of last year, a bespoke design, to celebrate their summer fete picnic wedding party in June and Sarah is now working with her amazing wedding planner, Helen Carter, to blog about her experiences from the one perspective that really matters - the brides! (speaking on behalf of the groom too I am sure!). It really is a fascinating read, especially for all you couples out there looking for hints and tips.

Read the full story on the tea towels of Sarah and Andy here and check back on Monday when I am going to be 'in the spotlight'. Yes - that's right - me - IN. THE. SPOTLIGHT!

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See you later alligators (yeah I said it).


GORGEOUS - The wedding of Kara and Chuch

Check this OUT! Seriously gorgeous use of their left over wedding tea towels at the lovely wedding of Kara and Chuch back in June. Don't they both just look so stunning and I actually don't think I have ever seen a room look more beautiful in the evening - lit simply by fairy lights and with tea towel bunting.

Give us a call if you've had your towel printed and want some extras for decoration on the big day!

The perfect wedding if you ask me!

*warm and fuzzy* Kxx