Wednesday, 15 June 2011


A little while ago now, we were asked by the lovely Sarah and Boho Bride to design her invitations. Now, with Sarah, having a total love of all things weddings, to be asked was nothing short of a massive honour!

So we got to work and without further ado you can see how utterly amazing her tea towel invitations look above. Just perfect! (we don't do modesty by the way - we heart tea towels - and we heart our tea towels even more!).

Take a read of Boho Brides full blog on her invitations, but in the meantime, this is what her guests have been saying:

That is by far and away the best wedding invite ever! So clever, I love it – I’m going to frame it!

Best wedding invite ever!

Your invite is fantastic, so original, so you!

What a creative idea…can’t wait to see what other treats the wedding brings!

OMG I LOVE the invite – so fantastic…we’re going to use it tonight!

A+ for originality!

If you'd like your guests to be saying these sorts of things about your wedding then drop me an email on or take a look at our website.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

NEW DESIGN - Introducing The Penny Friendly

We've decided it's about time we gave your wedding budget a big cuddle SO here goes... Introducing, the first design of our new 'super kind to your purse' range - The Penny Friendly.

It's available in any colour as long as it's black, can be fully personalised to your wedding and is printed on our usual high quality material. This new range means you can get 25 wedding tea towels, all in, for an amazingly budget-friendly £154. Imagine your guests reactions when they open these little gems. They will be using them forever more and you'll be the most popular couple in the WORLD.

So why not visit our website or email me on right this second!