Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nothing to do with tea towels but...

... we designed the poster for our village 'Royal Wedding day picnic in the park' (catchy name, right?). I think you'll be able to see where the design inspiration comes from.

So, if any one needs me on Friday afternoon, now you know where I'll be, sitting in our new park, in the sunshine (hopefully) with a glass of bubbly!

PRESS: Wedding Ideas (MAY ISSUE)

So, it's Saturday morning, I am minding my own business when BAM! I get a text from my good buddy, and bride to be, Polly to tell me that we are in this months edition of Wedding Ideas. YES! They think we are the 'must-have range of tea towels'. This makes me very happy, very happy indeed. Almost as happy as I'd be if I was becoming a princess on Friday.

PRESS: Trouwen in de Regio (Dutch)

Turns out, it's not only us Brits that love a good ol' tea towel! Our friends in the Netherlands have also fallen for their charms. We have recently been featured on a beautiful site, Trouwen in de Regio, they have lots of lovely ideas so if you are over that way, then check them out. We are already working lots of Dutch bride and grooms but we want more! Come on, take a look at our full design range at and go to the gallery page.

PRESS: Soon to be married

With just days left until the lovely Willy marries the gorgeous Kate, Carlene at Soon to be married has put together an ace email on all the amazing Royal Wedding themed stationery, favours and decorations and we made it in!

Wonder if they found any brollys...

Check out all our designs at or email Karen on

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PRESS: Making Magazine (UK)

We love it when anybody writes about us, but we totally love it when magazine feature us. There's something exciting about seeing our towels in print in lovely magazines like 'Making'. 

We're in the Making Magazine, May issue (No.7) on page 8, and there's loads of great stuff inside, even an article on how you might design and screen press your own towels, although it looks really, really complicated and time consuming and is probably best left to the professional. Speaking of whom, take a look at to see our latest offers and designs.