Friday, 31 January 2014

Pick your print colour...

You know we've got a colour palette of, 15 print colours you can choose from, right? Well listen up, if you don't want to stick to them, you don't have to! I know. Amazing + helpful = us.

You can either totally trust us to make a nice colour up for you or if you want to be more specific then we can either match to a pantone reference or you can post us over a swatch and we'll match to that.

And what's best of all about all this, it costs no more to have your own colour. 
Not. A. Penny.

Here are some suggestions we like below. 
Oh firstly, the lovely one on top is a pale green - 
I like to call it 'Antique Green'

Then below we've got:

Dusky Pink


Sky Blue