Thursday, 20 November 2014

November is nearly out... which means, so is our offer for 3 card artworks for just 85 bucks and our guarantee of pre Christmas delivery.

November is nearly out... there are only 6 working days left, which means a few things:

1. It's not much longer until I go all out Christmas in everyones faces - be ready. It'll be messy.
2. The deadline for orders with guaranteed pre Christmas delivery is nearly here (end Nov)
3. The end of our choose 3 cards for £85 artwork offer is nigh.

So, what do I think you need to do? Email me on immediately and get your order placed.

Don't wait or you might miss out on that magical moment when you see all your friends and family over the holidays and hand them the most amazing wedding invitation they've ever seen.

You can see all our designs here.

Bye for now.
Karen xx

Thursday, 16 October 2014

BRAND NEW DESIGN - Happily Ever After

Here it is! Our latest, brand new design. We've called it 'Happily Ever After' because we can't believe you could possibly be anything but, when you have sent something so lovely for your wedding invites.

And remember, it's not only lovingly designed but it's also lovingly printed on to a 100% cotton washable, usable tea towel.  And can be used as not only an invitation but a favour or a save the date if you prefer. Bet that beats anything you've received from your friends over the last few years!

Take a closer look at the detail below.

If you'd like more deets then email me on or take a look at our full design gallery, right here.

See you soon
Karen xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

18 wedding ideas that will only appeal to the most awesome of couples

YES! We did one at our wedding so we must be awesome after all!

Have a read through this - via Huffington Post - and make your wedding so bad ass that your guests will NEVER EVER EVER FORGET IT.

Of course the missing one is secret number 19, and that is... wait for it... sending our Wedding Tea Towel invitations to your guests. If you'd like more info on these then email me on or you can see all our designs on our website here.

Two of my other particular favourites are:

Always remember we can put ANY wording you like on our artworks as each one is personalised to you so if you want to go for something a little more... 'informal' like this and you think your friends and family can handle it, then go on right ahead!

Also, love this announcement photo.

Remember secret number 19 though at all times!!

See you later weddingy people

Karen xx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

OCTOBER ARTWORK OFFER! - Sort'em this Autumn

Come on now... we all know what it's like, you've got a wedding to do list that goes on and on and ON and you just don't know where to start. Well great news from us over here at Wedding Tea Towels, we are here to hustle you right along.

Throughout October only we are offering all three card artworks - so that's Evening invite card artwork, RSVP card artwork and Information cards artwork with a usual price of £105 - for just £80*.

But remember this offer is only on for a limited time until 31 October so hurry up and goodness sake, lets Sort'em this Autumn once and for all.

To see our full design range, go here.

Or if you'd like more information then drop me an email on

Bye for now
Karen x

* only available when ordered with wedding tea towels.
* offer only available on orders placed with content supplied from 1 October - midnight 31 October 2014.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Swiss Wedding Magazin... Hello and thank you!

Thanks a million to Swiss Wedding Magazin for featuring our fabulous tea towels in your magazine this month. We love it!

Remember we can ship just about any where so if you like them, don't be shy... get in touch on

To see our full design range, take a look at our website here.

Widerluege (that means bye... I think)

Karen xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hi Rest of the World *waves*

One of our lovely couples from The Netherlands is featured on this fab blog today. So that reminded me that it's important to remind you that of course we can ship outside of the UK. And sometimes it costs as little as £26 for delivery. Bargain!

It's easy peasy to sort out and doesn't take too long so if you're in Europe or even further a field in Australia or America. Get. In. Touch. Now!

See you later worldwide friends.
Karen x

Friday, 20 June 2014

Well hello to you HELLO! Magazine

So, my mother in law was sitting in the hairdressers flicking through HELLO! magazine (as you do) when something beautiful, something original and something down right familiar caught her eye... an Original Wedding Tea Towel!

Imagine our surprise! The proof is above for you to see and below is a picture of the front cover because it's got baby Prince George on and he's too cute for us all not to look at.

To see our full design range take a look here or if you want any more information then just let me know on

Karen x

Friday, 23 May 2014

Lovely new set of happy, happy couple comments released today

Still not quite sure whether Original Wedding Tea Towels is the right choice for your invites, favours or save the dates... well I've just released a load of brand new happy couple quotes on the website. Take a look and I'm pretty sure that'll be all the convincing you need to drop me an email and say 'make me some wedding tea towels IMMEDIATELY'!

Look here to see all the lovely comments.

This is basically how things are going down right now. (I've shortened some of them to save your eye power but the full comments are on the actual website).

'We absolutely love love love love our wedding tea towels. It was so nice when everyone received them and got in touch to say how amazing they were! Karen was super helpful and the whole process easy and super speedy! x'

'We were absolutely delighted with our wedding tea towels. One of the loveliest parts of planning our wedding. We even had some tears (happy of course!). Can't recommend Karen enough!'

'I absolutely loved my invites and the service and communication from Karen was fantastic! Can't wait for everyone to see our invites!'

So if you would like to talk about your invites or place an order then email me on or check out our website if you want to see all our designs.
See ya later

Karen x

Friday, 16 May 2014

Money, wedding budget, money, wedding budget - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

Hey, did I say good news, I meant GREAT NEWS! It has come to my attention this week that the average wedding budget for invitations is £240 based on an average guest list of 106 people.

So... my mathematical genius brain tells me these sums:

106 guests would mean about 50 invitations needed (let's just assume for this that you were having, oh I don't know... our wedding tea towels!)

The total price all in for 50 of our amazing, beautiful and useful wedding tea towels is £222.50 so under budget. BAM!

And that means you'd have £17.50 left to spend on wine for you and your friends when they come over to help you wrap them all up.

So to summarise:

Wedding Tea Towels + You = Happy couple * Happy Friends... squared? No idea if that's a real sum or not but I'm sure you get the point.

This is me signing off from probably the most confusing blog post ever!

Karen xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Happy Happy couple!

Yes this is a blog... about another blog!

But our lovely couple Debbie and Angus have said some truly lovely things about us here that I felt you all just needed to know!

So take a look and be warm and fuzzy like me.

Bye guys
Karen xx

Friday, 2 May 2014

NEW: Wedding Post Card - For Destination Weddings

Every now and again we like to revisit our designs and give them a bit of a spring clean, we thought Wedding Postcards was due an update, so that's what we went ahead and did.

It was always a lovely idea send an invite that was also a postcard, (oh yeah, and a Tea Towel) so we thought this was our best design to tailor to the ever popular Destination Weddings peeps, those lucky couples who get married all over the world.

The New Wedding Postcard has a space for you to add a little motif of your wedding destination, so some beautiful Palm Trees, the Eiffel Tower or Northampton Lift Tower, whatever sums your Destination Wedding invite up.

Take a closer look at the Wedding Postcard design here.

And see our full range of designs right just here.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Favours, favours, favours...

Guys, you must never, ever, ever, ever, EVVVVVEEEER forget that each and every one of our amazing wedding tea towel designs can be used as favours / thank yous as well!

Sure everyone enjoys a chocolate on their place setting but once thats gone, it's gone... forgotten. Not like these bad boys.

Roll them up and tie a pretty bow and leave our unique wedding tea towels as a lovely gift on the table for your guests... like this:

And then... make your friends and family THIS happy!

And their totally washable at 40 degrees so if they want to use them to protect their lovely outfits during the wedding breakfast, go for it!

Or pop them in the post after the wedding as one final, eternally lasting, thank you to everyone you love for sharing your day and no doubt being super generous with your gift lists! (plus they'll never forget your anniversary!)

You can see each design as a favour in our gallery here. And if you've got any more questions, email me on

Bye bye

Karen xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New website alert!

If you're here... reading this, then chances are you've been on our website and may have noticed that it's brand spanking new!

Looks great, right? We've taken everything we've learnt over the last 4 years and put it all in to one super duper site to help you imagine exactly how your invitations, save the dates or favours could look.

So... what are the top 5 things you need to know:

1. Go to our design gallery - you can see every blinkin' design in every colour we offer so if you're stuck between Blush and Coral, you can see how they both look

2. Every single design now shows you an example of the whole range of artworks so Evening Invites, Save the Dates, Favours, RSVP cards and Information cards. It's all there for you to see! (don't forget though, you can still always use any wording you like, these are just examples to get you started).

3. If you see a design you like, you can email it to your partner, mum, bridesmaid, any one! Show it to them by clicking the 'Send' button on each page, just here...

4. Literally if you're wondering anything at all about ordering with us... then I'm pretty sure you'll find the answer here in our FAQs.  But don't forget, I still want to talk to each and everyone one of you so email me anytime on if you'd rather speak to me directly.

5. We've got a lovely new contact us page - tells you all the ways to get in touch and even has a little form you can fill in that pops straight in my inbox.

All that's left for me to say is that I hope you like it! Take a look -

Remember you can always reach me on to chat things through though.

See you later!

Karen xx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What does every great British made film need? That's right... a great British made Official Tea Towel!

Unless you've been on another planet for the past couple of weeks, you've probably seen the trailers and may have even taken a trip to the movie theatre to see Nick Frosts latest film, Cuban Fury. It's all about Salsa. Hot, hot, Salsa dancing!

Well, take one guess who created the Official tea towel that went out the cast and crew?... We did!

I can't show the whole design as there is a naughty word at the bottom and we are a family friendly company.

Just imagine how many celebrities are drying up their fancy dishes with this tea towel. And more importantly, I have touched these tea towels, celebrities have touched these tea towels and therefore, I am practically holding hands with movie stars right now. So...

And remember if you're making your own movie called 'Life' and are getting married any time soon (does this tedious link between you and a film make any sense?), take a look at our website for our full range of amazing wedding tea towel designs.

Bye for now Buds xx

Friday, 31 January 2014

Pick your print colour...

You know we've got a colour palette of, 15 print colours you can choose from, right? Well listen up, if you don't want to stick to them, you don't have to! I know. Amazing + helpful = us.

You can either totally trust us to make a nice colour up for you or if you want to be more specific then we can either match to a pantone reference or you can post us over a swatch and we'll match to that.

And what's best of all about all this, it costs no more to have your own colour. 
Not. A. Penny.

Here are some suggestions we like below. 
Oh firstly, the lovely one on top is a pale green - 
I like to call it 'Antique Green'

Then below we've got:

Dusky Pink


Sky Blue