Thursday, 12 September 2013

Look what this bride has done with her Wedding Tea Towel Invitation!

I love this so much I've decided to dedicate this photo it's very own blog post! LOOK! This clever lady on the left, made Helens wedding tea towel invitation in to a blimin' Apron for her to wear on the day. Normally I would say it would be a shame to cover up such an utterly beautiful dress but on this occasion, I will make an exception.

Wish I was that good and sewing but the fact remains, I can not even sew on a button. So, there it is...

Just look at the picture again, one more time, and then you can go!

Karen x

PS Look at the cute rabbits as well - Helen and Matthew took one of our classic designs and we added their own personal touch to make it even more special to them x

Friday, 6 September 2013

Let us do you an AMAZING favour...

Don't you just hate it when you go to a wedding and on the table are some lovely little favours - maybe chocolates. But you can't eat them now, right? You're about to have your dinner. That would be reckless *fast forward* and gosh you're so stuffed, you could never manage that chocolate in that pretty decorated box now...

What a shame... 

If only you could think of a favour that your guests would love and be sure to take home because they can keep it and remember your day forever. You got it! An Original Wedding Tea Towel.

Did you know all our designs can be used as favours for no extra cost. Well they can. Look how happy this lovely lady guest above is with hers. And this guy? I mean, his suit is PROTECTED!

One thing you'll notice in common on both of them. Massive happy faces. I mean that could be more to do with the actual wedding than our tea towels but I'm pretty sure they help!

So, come on! 

Karen xx