Thursday, 9 August 2012

Employees of the month

Congratulations to the following two hard working, dedicated, and above all excellent value for money Wedding Tea Towel employees.

GIVE IT UP EVERYBODY! *clap clap clap*

For exemplary services to wrapping, posting and despatching tea towel samples - Mary Brown (a.k.a Ben's mummy).

Every time a sample is requested, Mary stops dancing, comes off the beach, brushes her hair down and struts over to her design coded and then colour coded cupboard and pops that bad boy out in the post to you. No fuss, no messin'.


For relentless childcare, child feeding and child entertainment services - Linda Wilson (a.k.a my mummy)

If there is finance work to be done, invoices to be raised or general admin to catch up on (yawn, yawn and yawn), Linda clambers down off of my Dads knee, opens up her house, FORCES me to sit down at the table (in silence) until it's done, all the while she is keeping the two coolest dudes in the whole world occupied.

So thank you to Linda and Mary for their hard work and I hope this blog goes some way towards telling you how grateful I am for your help and also as an official promise that one day you might get paid*


*although probably not.