Friday, 31 August 2012

INTRODUCING: Bicycle Made for Two

You've found your 'Daisy', they've said I do and now you need a super cool invitation to match your super cool, mega romantic wedding day. Well ride off in to the sunset with this little number hung up in the kitchen of all your friends and family.

Our latest brand new design - Bicycle Made for Two - is added to our Classic collection at just £50 for artwork. If you'd like a full quote then just drop me an email to and if you'd like to see our full design range then visit our gallery here.

Now, on yer bike (BOOM BOOM!), it's Friday night for goodness sake, haven't you got anything better to do? Nah, me either!

See you real soon.

Karen x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

INTRODUCING: Welcome to the World Baby Announcement Tea Towels

Yep, that's right folks. First comes love and then comes... babies! Screaming, poo'ing, cheeky monkey babies! And what better way to announce your new arrival to the world than with a our brand new baby tea towels.

We'll pop their little chubby chops on there and you can give us all the other details you want to tell your friends and family.

And just imagine if you hold on to one, in 18 years time, presenting them with their own tea towel that you had printed when they were brand new. I think that would be a pretty extraordinary moment!

Of course, like some other mums already have, you are welcome to use one of our classic wedding designs to announce your little one but if you want something to show the world how proud you are of your little bundle then this tea towel is 'almost' as special as the little arrivals themselves!

You can take a look at our full design gallery here. And if you'd like a quote or any more information then you can email me on

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

YOU TUBE - BrideDeForce

I am just going to be totally honest with you right here, right now - we've had utterly astounding hits on our website this week and for a while, we just couldn't work out why... and then we figured it out and found this AMAZING You Tube video from BrideDeForce - a brilliant blog and You Tube channel by sisters Hannah and Fleur. The video has already had over 50,000 views and over 1,200 likes so that is pretty darn impressive.

Fleur is getting married and has been searching for the best save the date ideas and so far, ours are her faves! What an excellent choice!

If you have been wondering what the tea towels look like in real life then take a look here and if you would like any more information on using our Wedding Tea Towels for your save the dates, invitations or favours then drop me an email on or visit our gallery here.

And if you'd like more ideas and inspiration for your own wedding then I'd strongly recommend you get yourself over to their blog or You Tube. Who knows what you might find!

Happy viewing!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Not only the ORIGINAL but also the BEST!

Right. Firstly, Ben told me off for initially not putting a picture on this post so I explained I couldn't think of one that I thought was suitable and then BAM, I stumbled across this snap in my phone and so, here it is. Look how happy Ben's little chops look. I think he'd had a hair cut that day. Anyway...

Down to business...

It's come to that time again when I've been gathering together all our customer feedback so Ben and I can work out whether we need to spend the next 30 mins walking around in a circle smacking each others bottoms or patting each other on the back.

So, let's see...

Question to our beautiful couples:
Overall, how happy were you with the service you received?

95% were VERY happy. Oh boy, what about the other 5%.... S'OK everybody they were still mega happy just not quite so enthusiastically over the moon as the others.

RESULT - Pat on the back (phew)

How happy were you with your finished tea towels?

93% thought they were pretty much all they could ask for and gave them a whopping 5 out of 5 'amazing' score. And the other 7% thought they were just everso slightly less than the best thing they've ever seen in their whole entire lives.

RESULT - Pat on the back (defo)

How did the tea towel cost compare to the other stationery options you considered?

Over half of our budget savvy couples said that Original Wedding Tea Towels were either About the same price, Competitive or Very Competitive. So that's all good. Very good.
And a load of the rest who answered didn't even look at any other options. They just saw our designs, loved 'em and knew they had to have them. Simple as that!

Even those who thought they worked out slightly more than their paper options didn't mind once they had them in their hands saying:

Although slightly more expensive, worth every penny for such a unique invitation.
Slightly more than the paper stationery we looked at but a fantastic idea and definitely worth the little bit extra.

RESULT - Pat on the back

So in summary, everything seems to be in order. Back pats all round!

If you still need convincing that we are totally the right option and completely bad ass at this then have a look at what more of our happy couple say here.

And if you'd like any more information on our tea towels then email me on or visit our gallery here.

Later tea towel lovers.

Karen xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Employees of the month

Congratulations to the following two hard working, dedicated, and above all excellent value for money Wedding Tea Towel employees.

GIVE IT UP EVERYBODY! *clap clap clap*

For exemplary services to wrapping, posting and despatching tea towel samples - Mary Brown (a.k.a Ben's mummy).

Every time a sample is requested, Mary stops dancing, comes off the beach, brushes her hair down and struts over to her design coded and then colour coded cupboard and pops that bad boy out in the post to you. No fuss, no messin'.


For relentless childcare, child feeding and child entertainment services - Linda Wilson (a.k.a my mummy)

If there is finance work to be done, invoices to be raised or general admin to catch up on (yawn, yawn and yawn), Linda clambers down off of my Dads knee, opens up her house, FORCES me to sit down at the table (in silence) until it's done, all the while she is keeping the two coolest dudes in the whole world occupied.

So thank you to Linda and Mary for their hard work and I hope this blog goes some way towards telling you how grateful I am for your help and also as an official promise that one day you might get paid*


*although probably not.