Monday, 28 November 2011

EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT! Christmas order deadline.

I REALLY wish I had a picture of Santa holding one of our tea towels right now. But I don't, so this will have to do instead. Will get on to this for next year.

Anyway, important news - the deadline for orders to be placed for pre Christmas delivery is... THIS THURSDAY. Thursday 2nd December. So if you want your towels before the big guy comes knocking then what are you waiting for, hurry up!

You can email me on

Your TT Christmas fairy - signing off - over and out.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Morning world! I've woken up on this chilly morning to be all warmed up by the fact that as of the unearthly hour of 6am this morning we have been featured on the lovely Linen & Silk Weddings blog - check out the full post here and take a look around their site to see what other lovely ideas you come across!

My particular fave bit is:

The Original Wedding Tea Towel‘s designs are so funky, cute and fun that they would make really pretty wall pictures too. TOTAL FACT! (it's me again now btw)


I really love this idea and I challenge you to find any other stationery company that will create invites that are beautiful to look at, useful to your guests and as reasonably priced as The Original Wedding Tea Towel.

Lovely lovely words! There, all cosy again now.

Have a good day teatowel'ers. (does that name work for you all? I'm not sure yet)

Oh and if you want to check out all of our designs and make your wedding SO much better than everyone else's then take a look at our website and email


PS Something like 38 days til Christmas!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

HELLO - New employee incoming...

So... Ben and I were just sitting around a few months ago thinking 'you know, with two businesses and a toddler, we don't have enough on at the mo. I know! Let's have another baby' and so one thing led to another and here the little button is! Arrrrrrrrrr!

Our all new crying, poo'ing, gurgling, probably never-sleeping employee will be arriving in February next year SO if you think you'd like your tea towels around this time then please try and order before Jan 2012 as we'll probably be reducing our output for a few months to welcome the little dude in to the world properly.

Can't wait to say hello!

To pick your fave design and get in touch about ordering - just visit our gallery here or email me on


Friday, 9 September 2011

BLOG - Hello 2 brand new designs!

So... if you are a little behind in the tea towel gossip world (as in, only about 24 hours so don't beat yourself up over it) we've just launched two brand spanking new fabulous lovey dovey designs - Apple Tree Wedding and Woodstock.

And to make our launch even more exciting, have today featured them on their amazing 'Plan with Fran' blog.

Fran says:

I personally think that the Original Wedding Tea Towel is a fabulous and unique idea! Your friends will absolutely love it and sending something so personal will give your guests an insight into how romantic the rest of your wedding day will be. For couples planning a tea party style reception or a vintage wedding these tea towels really are just perfect.

To read the full blog on Hitched, click here. And you really should keep up with Fran's blog if you don't already as it's bloomin' marvellous!

If you'd like a quote or any more information then email me on

Have a good weekend - and remember, drying up can be fun!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Check out these reactions!

We knew people loved our invites, but we've never actually seen anyones reactions as they opened them. Today that all changed when the lovely Aneesha and Edward sent us this video.  Seeing how happy people are to receive these invites makes us feel all warm inside, and so proud of our idea!

Imagine people getting this excited about your wedding invitation! OK, don't just imagine it, give drop us an email and make it happen.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BLOG - Wedding tea towels in the spotlight!

This post is a little overdue so sorry about that but well, quite frankly, we've been on holiday! You can imagine what a welcome return it was from the windy British seaside to come home and read in full our interview on Helen Carter Weddings. It felt pretty darn good let me tell you.

Read the full interview here and hear our amazing, informative and erm... interesting? thoughts on why we think our couples choose wedding tea towels, our fave designs and see some of the brill RSVPs our brides have recieved. Go now, check it out!

To find out more about our wedding tea towels and our designs, visit or email me on

s'later (you'll probably only get this sign off if you are my brother so to the rest of you - Bye bye!)


Friday, 5 August 2011

BLOG - A Brides Perspective on wedding tea towels

It's all very well and good us spending every waking minute babbling on about how amazing WE think our wedding tea towels are but it's even better when the happy words come from one of our tea towely couples!

We worked with Sarah and Andy towards the end of last year, a bespoke design, to celebrate their summer fete picnic wedding party in June and Sarah is now working with her amazing wedding planner, Helen Carter, to blog about her experiences from the one perspective that really matters - the brides! (speaking on behalf of the groom too I am sure!). It really is a fascinating read, especially for all you couples out there looking for hints and tips.

Read the full story on the tea towels of Sarah and Andy here and check back on Monday when I am going to be 'in the spotlight'. Yes - that's right - me - IN. THE. SPOTLIGHT!

If you'd like to find out more about our tea towels visit or email

See you later alligators (yeah I said it).


GORGEOUS - The wedding of Kara and Chuch

Check this OUT! Seriously gorgeous use of their left over wedding tea towels at the lovely wedding of Kara and Chuch back in June. Don't they both just look so stunning and I actually don't think I have ever seen a room look more beautiful in the evening - lit simply by fairy lights and with tea towel bunting.

Give us a call if you've had your towel printed and want some extras for decoration on the big day!

The perfect wedding if you ask me!

*warm and fuzzy* Kxx

Friday, 29 July 2011

Apple Tree Wedding

Coming soon a brand new Design; Apple Tree Wedding.

Check back for more information, or if you really can't wait, then drop us an email and we might let you be the first Apple Bride. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

PRESS: Without a Hitch

We are super duper excited to have been featured on the lovely eco wedding planners blog Without a Hitch yesterday in their review of the best Alternative Wedding Invitations. Without a Hitch pride themselves on helping you plan your amazing day but in a more greener, more environmentally friendly way. Perfect for us here at Wedding Tea Towels!

They say:
Another FAB invite is The Wedding Tea Towel. Not only will guests have all the details of your big day, it's practical too. They also create save the date towels, so if you want to send these out the year (or maybe even longer!) before your wedding it's a great way for people to keep hold of and not lose the information until they get their new calendars!

Which is all totally true! Get in touch now for more info -


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


A little while ago now, we were asked by the lovely Sarah and Boho Bride to design her invitations. Now, with Sarah, having a total love of all things weddings, to be asked was nothing short of a massive honour!

So we got to work and without further ado you can see how utterly amazing her tea towel invitations look above. Just perfect! (we don't do modesty by the way - we heart tea towels - and we heart our tea towels even more!).

Take a read of Boho Brides full blog on her invitations, but in the meantime, this is what her guests have been saying:

That is by far and away the best wedding invite ever! So clever, I love it – I’m going to frame it!

Best wedding invite ever!

Your invite is fantastic, so original, so you!

What a creative idea…can’t wait to see what other treats the wedding brings!

OMG I LOVE the invite – so fantastic…we’re going to use it tonight!

A+ for originality!

If you'd like your guests to be saying these sorts of things about your wedding then drop me an email on or take a look at our website.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

NEW DESIGN - Introducing The Penny Friendly

We've decided it's about time we gave your wedding budget a big cuddle SO here goes... Introducing, the first design of our new 'super kind to your purse' range - The Penny Friendly.

It's available in any colour as long as it's black, can be fully personalised to your wedding and is printed on our usual high quality material. This new range means you can get 25 wedding tea towels, all in, for an amazingly budget-friendly £154. Imagine your guests reactions when they open these little gems. They will be using them forever more and you'll be the most popular couple in the WORLD.

So why not visit our website or email me on right this second!


Friday, 27 May 2011

A tea towel tour.

An old post but still, I'm pretty sure, just as interesting as the day I first posted it so... if you've not seen it before then take another look.

Have you ever stopped, right there in your tracks, and just thought to yourself 'blimey, I wonder how those amazing guys at TOWTT, turn their tea towel designs in to actual tea towels'. YES, YOU HAVE? Then wonder no more, all is about to be revealed...

First, we have to use our artwork to make a screen (they are screen printed after all). The screen looks like this:

Then, the screen is popped in to this machine, where the colour is added, in this example, red. The colours are all mixed by hand to make sure we get the exact shade that we are looking for.

Once the colour is added, it covers the whole screen and then it imprints on to the tea towel (you can't see it but there is a lovely new unprinted tea towel sitting right under that screen).

And there it is. It comes off the printer and goes in to the dryer.

Then we all stand back and admire our handy work.

And that is how you make an Original Wedding Tea Towel! Don't try it at home kids.

For more info, take a look at our gallery on or email me on


Friday, 20 May 2011

Customer Feedback - Happy, happy, happy!

So, we've been asking our lovely clients to fill out a little questionnaire for us once their tea towels have arrived to see how they're feeling. And the news is G.O.O.D! No, it's better than good. It's amazing!

92% of our clients were the max. happy they could be with our service (ah HA but what about the other 8% you might be thinking, well they were still - quite simply - happy). Just not quite as deliriously happy as the other 92%!

AND... there's more:

98% of couples experienced the maximum amount of happiness when they received their finished towels. (again, don't worry, the remaining 2% were still - happy).

So all in all, good good good good happy happy GOOD! I didn't really have a supporting picture to express my feelings about this post SO this feedback makes me more happy than when we built this human pyramid, and you can see how happy we all look there!

Oh and from the brides who research all the options available, we are competitively priced and in most cases, nothing else even compares to our towels. So if you are getting married then check out our gallery at to find the invitation design that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd or just email me - - (that's me - pyramid level 3, on the left)


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nothing to do with tea towels but...

... we designed the poster for our village 'Royal Wedding day picnic in the park' (catchy name, right?). I think you'll be able to see where the design inspiration comes from.

So, if any one needs me on Friday afternoon, now you know where I'll be, sitting in our new park, in the sunshine (hopefully) with a glass of bubbly!

PRESS: Wedding Ideas (MAY ISSUE)

So, it's Saturday morning, I am minding my own business when BAM! I get a text from my good buddy, and bride to be, Polly to tell me that we are in this months edition of Wedding Ideas. YES! They think we are the 'must-have range of tea towels'. This makes me very happy, very happy indeed. Almost as happy as I'd be if I was becoming a princess on Friday.

PRESS: Trouwen in de Regio (Dutch)

Turns out, it's not only us Brits that love a good ol' tea towel! Our friends in the Netherlands have also fallen for their charms. We have recently been featured on a beautiful site, Trouwen in de Regio, they have lots of lovely ideas so if you are over that way, then check them out. We are already working lots of Dutch bride and grooms but we want more! Come on, take a look at our full design range at and go to the gallery page.

PRESS: Soon to be married

With just days left until the lovely Willy marries the gorgeous Kate, Carlene at Soon to be married has put together an ace email on all the amazing Royal Wedding themed stationery, favours and decorations and we made it in!

Wonder if they found any brollys...

Check out all our designs at or email Karen on

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PRESS: Making Magazine (UK)

We love it when anybody writes about us, but we totally love it when magazine feature us. There's something exciting about seeing our towels in print in lovely magazines like 'Making'. 

We're in the Making Magazine, May issue (No.7) on page 8, and there's loads of great stuff inside, even an article on how you might design and screen press your own towels, although it looks really, really complicated and time consuming and is probably best left to the professional. Speaking of whom, take a look at to see our latest offers and designs.

Friday, 11 March 2011

We were recently approached by the lovely Soon to be Married team who have launched a brand new listing featuring lots of top wedding suppliers. We jumped at the chance and so you can now find us and lots of other brilliant suppliers on their website - Go and check it out NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Kx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Introducing: Wedding Tea Towel – Boutique Designs

Wait a minute! What's that noise? It sounds like 7 new towels crashing into the Tea Towel party, rolling up the bar, and leaning like they own the join. Yeah, that's what's happened. There's a new posse in town, check them out now.

We've teamed up with some of our designer friends around the UK to bring you 7 new designs, that are all very beautiful. We're hoping these new towels will give you all another layer of choice and make your special day even more special.

Thanks to Katherine Peters, Donna Baitey, Becky Ayers and Lizzie Prestt the team behind the new series of artwork. Take a look at the the Boutique Design range here.

Email Karen for more information on The Original Wedding Tea Towels and to start your order for a truly unique wedding invite...

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


In the final days of our wedding planning we totted everything up and it turned out we'd underspent (if you can call it that). This meant we had a little bit of money in the budget to do something really special for our guests. We wanted to give something back to them to thank them for coming.

After going to a few weddings ourselves that year, and having a few bad heads in the morning we thought a kind of Hangover Cure might be a cool idea to give to everyone as they left. So we took the design from our towel, made our Whale look a little bit sad, and sent that to the bag printers. Then it was off to Costco to fill them with goodies.

We bought lots of as many bottles of water, packs of chewing gum, breakfast bars and chocolate we could afford and spent an evening stuffing the bags.

They were very popular, and everyone took one, and the bags themselves crop up all the time. We're often visiting friends and we can see it still in use. It's nice to think people are getting some genuine use out of them, it makes it feel like a good investment.

Now all this goodness is available to you, check out the new part to our site: Canvas Love Bags. And remember if you buy your Tea Towels from us and add a bags order on top, you get the artwork for the bag at half price, which is a big saving.

If you're interested then get in touch now, or visit the main Canvas Love Bags site for more information.

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